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Tecnometal operates in compliance with international standards (IPC A-600 Latest version) and with the reference environmental regulations and laws (RoHS and REACH).

Tecnometal is a member of IPC (Institute of Printed Circuits - The Association Connecting Electronics Industries)

For Tecnometal, technical collaboration is a fundamental element of the various components of the Industrial Electronics Supply Chain. 

Collaborating from design to production using all the same "language" based on Sector Regulations is the only way to guarantee the true reliability of the electronic product, the efficiency in the processes and ultimately the real Competitive Advantage of which Italian industries can boast.


We study industry standards  IPC, JEDEC, ASTM, ISO because we believe to be the essential basis for a deeper knowledge of our work.

Examples of IPC standards and test methods that can be used are:

  • IPC-2221 Generic Standard on Printed Board Design

  • IPC-A-600 Acceptability on Printed Board

  • IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

  • IPC J-STD-001D Requirements for Soldered Electical and  Electronics Assemblies

  • IPC-JEDEC J-STD-020D.01 Moisture / Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Non-Hermetic Solid State                            Surface Mount Devices Surface Mount Capacitor Test Results

  • IPC-TM-650 Test Methods Manual

  • Section 1.0  Reporting and Measurements Analysis Method

  • Section 2.1  Visual Test Methods

  • Section 2.2  Dimensional Test Methods

  • Section 2.3  Chemical Test Methods

  • Section 2.4  Mechanic Test Methods

Quality Policy

The company policy of Tecnometal Srl has always been oriented towards the creation of high quality products and services always in line with the customer's needs. Innovation and attention to market demands are essential elements in the development of the corporate strategy. People are at the center of every project and their involvement is an integral part of Tecnometal's activities.

In this context, the organization has chosen to adopt a Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and as a tool for improving its performance, controlling processes, increasing customer satisfaction and ensuring compliance with the required requirements.

Attilio Brivio
Tecnometal CEO

Trezzano Rosa - MI
20 October 2018

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