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The attention to others that must regulate our life must also be a fundamental element within the Company for obtaining the best results, of course, but fundamentally not to steal our soul.

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Tecnometal - 30 years! Always growing.


On the occasion of TECNOMETAL's 30th anniversary, I would like to express all my gratitude to those who have contributed, in all these years, to the constant growth of our company. It would take a book, and perhaps it would not be enough, to tell 30 years of our adventure.


We have come a long way, and for this, first of all, I have to thank all my staff, past and present, because it would not have been possible to reach such a milestone if it had not been for their excellent teamwork. I am thrilled to think of the commitment, efforts and tenacity invested by everyone who, year after year, have made it possible to achieve the many objectives. A consistent thanks to our Italian and international sellers for the activity carried out in the field and their constant and assiduous presence in the territory to which they belong.


Special thanks to all our customers. Thank you for choosing us, for the trust you have placed in us over the years to date and for the one you will want to give us in the coming years.


Last but not least, I would also like to thank consultants, suppliers, external collaborators and all those who in other ways have chosen to make their contribution, large or small, in these thirty years of activity.


My wish is to find ourselves celebrating many more anniversaries together.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone.


Attilio Brivio


Tecnometal Srl does not produce and / or supply printed circuits or assembled prototypes that are aimed at the construction of weapons or any apparatus or part thereof useful for the functionality or use of a weapon of any kind and type (conventional, chemical, nuclear or other type).



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